Het E.I. voorziet in een heldere en logische evaluatiestructuur die houvast biedt, ook tijdens de uitvoering van een project.

PET focuses on to generate qualitative information by means of pointing out, monitoring factors/acts that are of determining influence to the process, within its own context. PET relates to trans-
actional evaluation in a sense that it focuses on the improvement
of one’s actions through refl ective analysis of what emerges throu-
ghout the process and that is treats each project as unique. Every
single project knows its own dynamic; an evaluator must be aware
and recognize this and should keep an open mind. The evaluation
must be adjusted to the process and not the other way around. PET
leaves enough space for the singularities of a project.
PET provides a clear and logic evaluation framework that gives a
hold on the process during the realisation of a project.